KundaVela's first wonderful vacation is finally a reality! June 22-29, in the Aeolian Islands.

Imagine taking a journey through time and space, undulating and floating.
Imagine doing it with calmness, peace, listening.

In the placid sharing of moments of silence, song and meditation. Chatter and smiles. Yoga and slowness. Eating healthy, swimming, watching sunrises and sunsets, enjoying all their beauty and power.
This is KundaVela’s first yogic vacation.

Born out of a desire to share the love and passion for the sea and sailing, KundaVela offers a week-long symbiotic journey with the rhythms of nature and each other, with absolute respect for one’s own and others’ needs for rest, awakening and sharing.

There are so many beauties of these seas and lands of volcanic nature, so many that KundaVela proposes to enjoy them calmly and peacefully, practicing yoga in the morning shortly after sunrise, having a good and healthy breakfast and then embracing whole days of healthy swimming and sailing, resting in roadstead celebrating sunsets with gratitude.

The KundaVela voyage begins with the choice to dedicate a space-time frame in which to have an intense, holistic experience: physical, mental and spiritual. While being a vacation, thus preserving lightness, rest and joy.
A “vacation” from the everyday to explore, with the rhythm of sailing accompanied by the power of the sea and wind, new anchorages, vast horizons, an unexpected look at the expanse of the sea and the inner one.

Yes because KundaVela’s first week of sailing and yoga sails the sea that welcomes the Aeolian Islands.

Magical islands because they are still suspended between the legends of Aeolus, the amphora of the winds and Ulysses receiving it as a gift. Islands where the energy of the center of the Earth is felt, strong and nourishing.

Here, KundaVela sails one week from now among these wonderful lands:

  • June 22 we embark in Portorosa, a well-equipped marina to which we arrive from Catania airport, get to know each other and settle in;
  • June 23 we sail to Vulcano, then, the captain proposes stops according to winds and weather, no hurry. First night in the roadstead!
  • From June 24, we touch Lipari, Panarea, circumnavigate Salina and then touch the west coast of Lipari and the west coast of Vulcano, before returning to Portorosa on the 28th evening.
  • On the 29th, we share a few more hours and prepare for farewells!

At our disposal are a boat, Beneteau Oceanis Clipper 423, a captain, Antonio, with more than 20 years of experience on these seas, and two kundalini yoga teachers, Martina and Rosario, who know how to pass on the technique and love for this ancient discipline

Healthy food combined in tasty vegan recipes, convivial moments alternating with those of introspection, relaxation and silence.

Chants, mantras, drums tuned to the wind and waves. No obligation, no forcing.

Just healthy and respectful sharing of space and time.
A pact of mutual listening, sailing among islands considered Unesco heritage sites, on seas sailed by captains and ancient legends.

KundaVela donates 10 percent of profits to an association protecting dolphins

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